Erja Lyytinen: Live @ Blues & Jazz Rallye Luxembourg 2017

Sue Foley: Live in Ontario, and Austin TX Summer 2017

Tora Nagumanova: Tremonti - So You're Afraid

Adunbee: Breaking The Law - Judas Priest guitar cover

Donna Grantis: announces upcoming album

Alex Schmeia: Hide and Seek | my original song #3

Yvette Young: Signature Chorus - Pro Tone Pedals

Tora Nagumanova: Periphery - Marigold (guitar cover)

Magdalena Kowalczyk: Roland Dyens,,Tango en ski "

Gabriella Quevedo: Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers - nearing 500,000 subscribers

Jassy J: Linkin Park - What I've Done - Album: Minutes To Midnight (2007) guitar cover tribute with solo by Jassy Dedicated to Chester Bennington

Novia Arifin: Donnalee- Charlie Parker

Paula Jo Taylor: playing at a booth at 2017 NAMM Nashville

Beatrice Tosoratti, Greta Titton: Blitzkrieg Bop - cover by VENUSIA

Rebecca Johnson: Keep Forgettin Live 2017

Melissa Evila: Danzig "Blood and Tears" guitar solo

Alexandra Zerner: Univox Guitars Review - Signature 8-string Model - Aquarelle 8

Samantha Fish: Bluesbroad - Mexicali Live NJ 7/28/17

Erja Lyytinen: Live @HRH Blues plus Blues and Jazz Rallye Luxembourg 2017

Yering River: Lily Kim Band

Josette, Rena Sands: Judas Priestess Paramount Theater and Mulcahy's Concert Hall 2017

Nili Brosh: "Silence of Saturday" Playthrough 2017

Ana Vidovic: plays Asturias by Isaac Albéniz

Mayara Amaral: Brutally Murdered by fellow musician - Dead at 27, RIP

Molly Tuttle: Nugget Octave Mandolin

Simona Sansovini: November Rain - Guns N' Roses Cover

Lari Basílio: How Great Thou Art

Bruna Tsuruda Prado: Rolling Stones Brasil Guitar Cover #03

Tash Wolf: Blues with a view - - lovely day in Sydney

Nathania Jualim: Childhood Memories

Sylvya Boschiero: Megadeth - Symphony Of Destruction - Guitar Solo

Diana Rein: Whisperings - Slide Guitar on a Les Paul Epiphone

Jess Lewis: Starchild (Level 42) Bass - I love Level 42

Cristina Pena: CHON - O.G Dual Guitar Cover

Samantha Fish: BluesBroad - The Cutting Room Nyc 7/25/17

Lari Basílio: Workshop and Tour in Brazil 2017

Carol Silcs: Mike Stern - Chromazone

Jen Majura: Crowdfunding Jen InZENity

Diana Rein: One Woman Band - "The Real Thing" (Live Studio Recording)

Juliana Vieira: Linkin Park: Numb - tribute to the late Chester Bennington

Meng Su, Yameng Wang: Tan Dun - Eight Memories in Watercolor, Op.1

Julia Lange, Ronja Schubert, Jessica Bender: Baiao de Gude von Paulo Bellinati

Haneul Lee: Asturias, haneul Lee kumho art hall

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku, Juna Serita: RiViNi / Emerald 2017.6.4 Live - Girls band project

Ally Venable: "Woke Up This Morning" Live at the 2017 Dallas International Guitar Show

Sheryl Bailey: Bebop Guitar Fakebook: Rhythm - Intro

Elisa Pisetta: Kiesel Solo Contest 2017 #kieselsolocontest2017

Luna Lee: ZZ Top- Tush Gayageum