Mayara Amaral: Brutally Murdered by fellow musician - Dead at 27, RIP

It is with deep regret that we, from Rede Sonora - music and feminism, wrote this text by the memory of Mayara Amaral, guitarist, researcher and music teacher. We write for the lives of women in music and around the world. Unfortunately Mayara Amaral, 27, was brutally murdered last night (26) in Campo Grande / MS, in a crime that had the central participation of another musician - a drummer who had already played and worked with Mayara and that according to the local news, had a relationship with her.

To the family and the friends and acquaintances of Mayara, we express our feelings and our solidarity. To these people we apologize and leave to talk about what happened to Mayara in this text that arrives at a time so serious and so unspeakable pain. For you, at this moment, we dedicate our total and unrestrained solidarity, our support and our condolences - we are with you.

We, the women of Rede Sonora - music and feminism, created in April 2015 [2], wrote this text based on our commitment and willingness to honor the memory and life of Mayara Amaral, honoring and recognizing her trajectory and her contributions to The music, even if posthumously.

Mayara Amaral - Sor, Bach, Barrios, Villa-Lobos