Jinny Kim: Hard Rock Solo! A-FUZZ - QUEEN

Noemi Terrasi: Ice Wind - track from concept instrumental EP "Black Seagull".

Diana Rein: Practicing Before The Big Show At Knuckleheads Saloon

Rebecca Lovell, Megan Lovell: Larkin Poe - The Girls are back in town!

Sima Bustami: killing in the Name of Solo Cover- Rage Against the Machine

Rachelf: Can You Learn Guitar Online & Other Questions

Hannah Murphy: Usher Waltz by Nikita Koshkin

Alyona Vargasova: The loop that lead to Journey Through the Milky Way and 1.4+ million views!

Alex Snowden: Doll Skin - Your Idols Are Dying

Ash: 石岚 Bandage - four playthroughs

Jassy J: SUM 41 - Over My Head (Better Off Dead) [GUITAR COVER]

Emily Hastings: My Guitar Rig

Chena Roxx: Nevermore - The River Dragon Has Come Solo

Sunmi Kim: Master the guitar

Yoon Se Na, Hwang Yoo Jin: DIH- 2 Minutes To Midnight - CLUB A.O.R

Gretchen Menn: for DiMarzio PAF 59 Neck and Bridge pickups (4K)

Liheia Metzengerstein: Slayer - Disciple\God Hates Us All

Leticia Filizzola: Ibanez JSM100 is great for neo soul fingerstyle...

Lari Basílio: Far More Album GEAR: Dunlop

Lari Basílio: Guitar Playing and Interview | Thomann

OkJin Han: Highly Strung - Orianthi & Steve Vai

Alessandra Scaravilli: Jaco Pastorius - Liberty City (bass cover)

Camille Alexander: A VOID - No Rest

Sally: Lipstick Holy Knight and Drop Down

Yoon Se Na: DIH Queens of the Night Vol.09

Ayu Gusfanz: Andy James - Angel Of Darkness

Iree: Rolling Quartz - Full Queens of the Night Vol.09

Lindsay Ell: Don't Be Scared of Improv

Molly Tuttle: live performance at Carter Vintage Guitars

Mercédesz Tóth: Pantera - Domination guitar cover by Merci

Erja Lyytinen Snake In The Grass Live @ La Traverse Cléon France 2019

Iree, Hyunjung Choi: 아이리 Rolling Girlz - Youth Gone Wild and Queens Of The Night

Joan Gong: Eric Johnson - SRV ~Electric Guitar Cover 龚钊

Ash: Electric Guitar Solo《For You》 Cover by 石岚

Peng Peng, Leaves: Lunar New Year 330 Metal Festival 2019

Magda Azzilonna: Electric Gypsy - Andy Timmons

Noemi Russo: Odissea Veneziana

Andressa Marques: Mouxi

Gabi Suyama: Solo de Hysteria

Keilla Rezende: Heaven for me - Mariah Gomes

Ivy Wu: CHON- Sleepy Tea

Shirin Siavashi: Opeth - Minnets Yta / Lovelorn Crime solo

Sunmi Kim: Can I master the guitar as a textbook?

Ivy Wu: Polyphia - Rich Kids

Zhou Lin: Metalgirl琳- Solo Arch Enemy + War Enternal

Chen Siyi: Hatsune Miku - Chiba Sakura beauty hand speed invincible

Ana Vidovic: Courante in G Major from the Cello Suite No 1 BWV 1007 by Johann Sebastian Bach

KT Chang: Elephant Gym - Underwater, Half Cinema Sessions

Yamit Schwartz: Samba Left Foot - Six

Narumi, Hazuki: RAMI / Spirit Black (LIVE)