Rosie Botterill: DORJA now has a Patreon page

DORJA now has a Patreon page:

We had a dream and it wasn't an easy one.
Creating new music nowadays can be a challenge for every band, especially when the band mates are spread out between different continents. When DORJA was facing this geographical situation at the start of the band, they thought it would be wiser to give up. However, we are a bunch of VERY stubborn and passionate musicians and we believe nothing is impossible! That's why, despite the geographical difficulties, DORJA still exists and we got to release our debut album earlier on this year. But this is only the beginning! We have a lot more to say and show.

And this is why we need YOUR help! In order to organise more tours and deliver more content (music, recording, videos,...), we are asking the help of our fans. Become a patron today and be part of our journey!

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