Karlijn Langendijk: Guitar Masters 2016 - FINGERSTYLE / ROUND I

Yvette Young: Polyphia, Jason Richardson and Covet to tour the US

Brittany Bernal: Pantera series - Dean from Hell ML through a Bogner/Randall half stack

Ash Soular: The Remnant - new single

Jasmine Wong: RHCP - Sick Love Bass

Genny Jam: Maggot Brain Guitar Improv with Violin Bow

Jéssica Di Falchi,Mari: Pós Show Uberlândia - Iron Ladies

Rosie Aldrete, Jen Paro, Susan Joyner: Cougrzz Rock! at the Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet, CA

Kitshow: true love cover ソロギター

Julie Slick: shredding bass Adrian Belew Power Trio's "e" while Ben paints.

Samantha Fish: Cotillion Ballroom, Wichita, KS 2016

Gretchen Menn: Abandon All Hope pre-release party

Nina Kalsarikännit: Flow - original music available on bandcamp

Anna Sentina: Hallelujah - A Tribute To Leonard Cohen - Roland FA-08 Workstation

Yvette Young: small bird in hand poster available

Nili Brosh: The Nili Brosh Band will be back at Alva's Showroom in San Pedro

Adunbee: Halo on Fire intro riff - Metal Talk Monday

Samantha Fish: "Shake 'Em On Down" - Cotillion Ballroom, Wichita, KS - 2016

Yukiko Onishi: Blueffect1 - Fluffy time

Stephanie Pickard: How to Play Hells Bells on Guitar - AC/DC Guitar Lesson

Lari Basílio: We Don't Talk Anymore - Funky Filter

Saki: Mary’s Blood - Counter Strike from the new album FATE

Yvette Young: acoustic performance Windmill Brixton 2016

Sarah Longfield: The Fine Constant live El Corazon funhouse Seattle WA 2016

Saki: Shimamura musical instrument Omiya I, Lament - November 2016

Adunbee: Halo on Fire - Metallica guitar cover

Lens Kidman: The Faceless–Autotheist Movement II: Emancipate (Solo cover)

Vanesa Harbek: Blues Band en el Eter Club, 2016

Ayu Gusfanz: Walk with me in Hell - 11 Years Old shredding it!

Renáta Katona: Stringsgirl Journey 2016

Edina Balczo: How to construct scales and chords on guitar

Beth Cannon: Crazy Train Guitar Solo Cover

Genny Jam: I Want Your Love Rhythm - Guitar Funk Groove

Nita Strauss: Steve Austin Show Nita Strauss Interview

Nathania Jualim: Fingerstyle acoustic guitar

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox: Nita and friends at the Lucky Strike 2016

Courtney Cox: Firehouse - Overnight Sensation - Monsters of Rock Cruise West - another super fan moment

Rose Deocampo, Wena Velasco: Cowgirls From Hell Alamo City Hall 2016

Erja Lyytinen: Little Wing - The Live Band perform at Viikinsaari, Tampere, Finland 2014

Samantha Fish: Blame It On The Moon, Go Home - Schwarzer Adler - Rheinberg 2015

Courtney Cox: Kip Winger serenades super Winger fan Courtney Cox

Rose Deocampo, Wena Velasco: Cowgirls From Hell: "5 Minutes Alone" Brick by Brick in San Diego 2016

Ana Popovic: Live at Schwarzer Adler - Rheinberg - 2013

Dani Wilde: blues rock performances from topos, Leverkusen 2016

Samantha Fish: in fine form for the classic Killing Floor

Rena Sands, Josette: Judas Priestess: Breaking the law

Erja Lyytinen: blues live performance Manitu Forst Finland