Karlijn Langendijk: Guitar Masters 2016 - FINGERSTYLE / ROUND I

The first piece I play here is my arrangement of Michael Jackson's ""Beat It"" - simply one of the greatest pieces of modern music history.

The second piece is my newest original ""Triangulum"", named after a small constellation in the northern sky. The three-note motive in the piece symbolizes its three brightest stars that from a triangle.

I am Karlijn Langendijk, a 21-year old guitarist and composer from Holland. Currently, I'm living in Dresden, Germany. The past year I've been studying 'Acoustic Guitar' here at the Music University, where I totally started anew with playing the guitar. Playing only steel string guitar before - which developed in making an album at Acoustic Music Records and touring in Germany and China - I now also discovered the beauty of the nylon string guitar.

I hope you enjoy my videos! Please let me know what you think - feedback and requests are always welcome :)

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Guitar Masters 2016 - Karlijn Langendijk /// FINGERSTYLE / ROUND I