Saki: Mary’s Blood - Counter Strike from the new album FATE

Mary's Blood Music videos (You Tube Ver.) From 3rd album "FATE" are released!

This inevitable song at the live shows SAKI's technical and impressive guitar riff, shouts as if overwhelming by anyone at EYE, blast beat by Mari (Dr.) RIO (Ba.) Strong metal number to say that "This is Mary's Blood" is powerful and vigorous with a sense of groove with a sense of groove.

[Product information]
Mary's Blood 3rd album
"FATE" 2016 October 26, released
· DVD Limited Edition / VIZL-1060 \ 3,500 + tax
Special DVD Contents (about 30 minutes recording): "FATE" Recording Document
· Normal board / VICL-64665 ¥ 3,000 + tax

1. Counter Strike
2. Shall We Dance?
3. Angel'S Ladder
4. Nautical Star
5. Chateau De Sable
7. Self-Portrait
8. In The Rain
9 . Change the Fate
10. Endless Tragedy
11. Queen Of the Night

Mary’s Blood / Counter Strike (You Tube Ver.)