Alex Schmeia: It Never Ends sneak peek of my original song

Yvi Wylde: Fusion Blues Guitar Solo

Momo: MSG - Into The Arena

Jassy J: Metallica - Spit Out The Bone

Gabriella Quevedo: Happy New Year!

Keira Witherkay: performs Misty ..Dec 2016 (testing an amp)

Hedvika Švendová: W. Muthspiel-1.part von Drei Tonspiele - 8 strings .strandberg*

Irma Mirtilla, Cecilia Nappo: TOTO - Stop Loving You Cover by Black Mamaba

Ayla Real: Pride and Joy - ripping Stevie Ray Vaughan

Anna Likhacheva: Presentation on the TV (Russian)

Hedvika Švendová, Dominika Švendova: Four Hands Guitar - Strandberg 8 strings guitar - super talented players

Chelsea Constable: gets TC Electronic - artist profile page

Hisako Osawa, Melanie Sisneros: Love 2 Love - as performed by 2Hot2Handle, Hermosa Beach, CA

Melody Angel: Lonely - more original music with the Strat attack

Maru Martinez: Video Fail Compilation 2016 the Bloopers, when things don't go quite right

Lari Basílio: s o o n - 2 0 1 7 - more divine tones from the hands and heart.

Danielle Miraglia: The Rolling Stones "Shine a Light" -The Glory Junkies

Ufa: Attack - TreshManiya 2016

Kyri: Hypnotize - System of a Down

Katarzyna Stogowska: George Michael = touching tribute - Last Christmas

Polina Sedova: Listen to your heart

Valerie Bachand: Lamb of God.Lamb of God-512

Katarzyna Stogowska: Marty Friedman- Forbidden City and John Petrucci - Glasgow Kiss

Charlotte Riemann: Child Of Waste - Official playthrough

Brittany Paige: Carol of the Bells - bluesy dubstep

Novia Arifin: Billie Jean live with Jacob Collier, Metropole Orchestra and Jules Buckley

Adunbee: Clone - Gojira intro lesson and performance

Ami Inoi: Final Fantasy XV : Main Theme - Somnus - beautiful acoustic performance

Lydia Warren: with Danny Banks Live @ The Tavern From Tower Square 2016

ImStefany: Deftones - Simple Man - originally by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Hisako Osawa: Rock Bottom - As performed by 2Hot2Handle, Saint Rocke Club

Sandra Bae: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (천사 찬송하기를)

Red Frandany: Call of the Bells DJENT goes Christmas

Brittany Denaro, Hisako Ozawa, Nikki Stevens: Paradise Kitty - Hermosa Beach, CA 2016

Rosie Aldrete, Jen Paro: Cougrzz Rock! at The Pitstop Pub, Menifee, CA, December 23, 2016

Pyn Doll: Barb Wire Dolls - "Revolution" live at Wacken Open Air 2016

Tina Wood: Magic Man, Barracuda - as performed by Heart Attack - Tarzana, CA

Cheza Taylor: Jingle Bell Rockin'! Happy Holidays 2016

Lens Kidman: with Mayzan - Concerto - the Cacophony classic revisited

Miyako Uno: High Flight Freiheit 2016

Melody Angel: In The Fire Testing out my suitcase drum

Hisako Osawa: Shoot Shoot - performed by 2Hot2Handle @ Saint Rocke Dec 21 2016

Renáta Katona: BLACK SABBATH - Iron Man Solo cover by Stringsgirl

Monique Martinelli: Jam with the great Andy Timmons at EM&T 2016

Jassy J: SUM 41 - The Bitter End

Sophie Burrell: Get The Funk Out - Extreme Guitar Solo

Adunbee: Bloopers is sort of a tradition as a video when the end of the year comes!!

Laura Sau: Mymisses - The Kids Aren't Alright - Live at Motoraduno Ittiri 2016

Kumi Adachi, Shoka Okubo: Luck of Blue - Girls Gang Blues

Katrin Child: Pitch Black - live @ Zal Ozhidaniya 2016