Jassy J: SUM 41 - The Bitter End

Sum 41 - The Bitter End - Album: Chuck (2004) guitar cover with solo by Jassy =)

ENG: So I'm currently practicing more guitar solos and so I decided to cover Sum 41's most difficult song \m/ Dave's solo is so awesome! Hope you like it =)

PLEASE NOTE: I lowered the backing track AND pitched it to E Standard (original is in Eb Standard).

DEU: Bin grade dabei einige Gitarrensoli zu üben. Also dacht ich mir, ich versuch mich mal an Sum 41's schwerstem Song! Dave's Solo hat mir schon immer gefallen. Hoffe ihr mögt mein Cover =)

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Jassy J:

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-Jassy J

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SUM 41 - The Bitter End [GUITAR COVER] with SOLO | Jassy J