Jackie Venson: Back to Earth by Jackie Venson

Hiroka Takeda: BAND-MAID "Daydreaming" guitar solo cover

Laurie Buchanan, Gill Montgomery, Josie O’Toole, Jacinta Jaye : Tequila Mockingbyrd Live at SOS Festival Prestwich 14 July 2019

Yulia Volkonskaya: Extreme - Cynical and Meshuggah - Pravus

Alexandra Zerner: Coniunctio & Semisextilis (Opening for Dream Theater in Sofia, Bulgaria)

Shelley Walker, Laura Ozholl, Keira Kenworthy: JOANovARC performing "Sweet Child of Mine" at Killarney Bike fest 2019

Marina Takahashi: Mooer Preamp Live

Chorom Hahm: H.E.A.T - We Will Never Die solo by chorom hahm (guitar: 함초롬)

Polly Money: Space Jams No.3

Muriel Anderson, Nadia Kossinskaja: Valse Peruano - Venezolano

Saima Zakir: Alan Murphy 'Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground)' Guitar Solo

Marie Modreatry: MUSE - Hysteria [BASS COVER]

Mercédesz Tóth: Pantera - Slaughtered guitar cover by Merci

Nili Brosh: plays the Deththeme in Preparation for Dethklok Show!

Esani Dey: So Far Away Guitar Solo & Outro

Rachelf: Eluveitie - Inis Mona (Guitar Cover)

Meliani Siti Sumartini: "Bloom, Wildflowers" (guitar playthrough)

Hunter Allen, Brooke Dickson: Chase Petra at The Satellite

Ayu Gusfanz: Dream Theater - Untethered Angel

Joanne Shaw Taylor: The Best Thing Live @ La Cigale Paris 2019

Jessica Kaline: "Hermeto Pascoal" Frevo Novo by Jessica Kaline

Isabeau Waia'u Walker: Better Metric | LIVE @ Strum PDX Portland Oregon

Sonia Nusselder: Burning Witches - Solo Executed by Sonia Anubis

Maleny Morfen: Bass Cover - Under Pressure Queen & David Bowie

Federica Golisano: The Best of Times - Dream Theater - Guitar solo

Samantha Fish: Blues From The Top, Winter Park, CO - 2019

Marina Krupkina: Ouroboros (live) on PIMA live

Nikki O’Neill: 2019 Promo Video

Yasmin Williams: Sunflower by Post Malone (acoustic guitar cover)

Soumia Ghechami: .strandberg* International Collab |

Lizzy McAlpine: performs 'Lady in Blue' live in LA.

Tina Guo: The Circle of Life (The Lion King)

Yasi Hofer: "Working Man's Life" (official video)

Brianna Sherrodd: The '80s are BACK! -ish

Laurie Morvan: performs the solo from My Moderation

Laura Cox: Band, Music, Youtube and Gear | Thomann

Susan Santos: Monday Night Blues Jam. Maui Sugar Mill Saloon July 1, 2019

Bruna Terroni: Take the Power Back - RATM and Tornado Of Souls

Carol Silcs: Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall

Ayu Gusfanz: On Peregrine Wings By Joe Satriani

Camilla Sperati: Solo over Holdsworth style backing track and DARK theme guitar solo

Mohini Dey: Gary Willis X Gergo Borlai X Mohini Dey "Groove A Day 128"

Böse Fuchs: Rammstein - Puppe Live Guitar Cover [4K /MULTICAMERA]

Paola Pellegrini: LEXROCK - "Making love forever" (Official video)

Saya: Breeze Original song. collaboration video.

Jasmine Star: Rock You Like A Hurricane

Asya Selyutina: "Oi, da ty, Kalinyshka" (The Snowball Tree) Live -

Meliani Siti Sumartini: "Toxicity" - System Of A Down (Mel cover)

YoYo: Cliffs Of Dover - Eric Johnson

Andrea Ferrero: Jamming some Music