Helena Kotina: Arch Enemy - War Eternal cover

Sarah Longfield: Aura - NO BEANIE ALERT

Ayu Gusfanz: Altitudes By Jason Becker

Marina Krupkina: Nikita Koshkin - J.S.Bach - Choral Prelude

Rachelf: How to Stay Motivated Learning Guitar & More - Question Roulette

Nili Brosh: Rush/YYZ Cover

Simona Soddu: Another Brick in the Wall - Guitar Solo

Kim Ye In: Herbie Hancock - Gentle Thoughts (Fender 1963 Jazz Bass)

Yu Miyazawa: "Poker face" Composition: Yu Miyazawa Arrangement: Yuichi Takahashi

Wanda Omar: KOTAK - Beraksi

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku: Instrumental Summit Vol.19 and Seaside Avenue

Jassy J: Sonne RAMMSTEIN

Daniela Villarreal, Paulina Villarreal, Alejandra Villarreal: The Warning - Survive - LIVE at Lunario CDMX

Paula Carregosa: Pokemon - Battle Theme (metal Version)

Jen Majura: Which Is Better: Octave UP or Octave DOWN?

Yana Kokh: Guns N' Roses - Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Yvette Young: Covet presented by D'Addario Live — GearFest 2019

Magda Azzilonna: A Little Bit of Blues - Chet Atkins

Melanie Faye: Johann Sebastian Bach - Bouree In E Minor gets some rework

Brianna Sherrodd: Bass Playthrough of my song Lycanthropy

Sara Marczak, Theresa Wüst: X HELLS Open Doors Festival, Neu Isenburg, 2019

Yuki: D_Drive Yuki's Marshall JVM 410H

Lari Basílio: Not Alone with Vinnie Colaiuta, Nathan East, Greg Phillinganes

Jinny Kim: A-FUZZ live Chang Dong Platform 61

Mina Taicho: FATE GEAR - Europe Tour 2019-Paris-France

Mohini Dey: Plays Prog!

Mahafsoun: Guitar Unboxing - Model/Makeup/Styling/Editor receives a guitar

Okjin Han: Megadeth - Angry again collaboration cover

Amy Zion: Ashes Arise-Obsidian veil

Fiona Gurney: Shake The Baby Til the Love Comes Out

Yvette Young: talks with Dweezil guitar - for Guitar Power

Haruka Noma: Asterism - Stars (360°battle Session / Studio Live)

Bridget Mermikides: Pie Jesu from Faure Requiem for solo guitar

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Rig Rundown

Carol Silcs: Estado de Graça - Preto No Branco • Intro

Alicia Marie: Groove Tone - Peavey HP Special Guitar Jam

Emma Ruth Rundle: Rig Rundown -

Marissa Paternoster: Rig Rundown - Screaming Females

Cherry Glazerr: Rig Rundown Trailer

Anastasia B: Te Mato - Mestis 8 String Guitar - 13 year old

Samantha Fish: Nearer to you 2019

Jiwon Han: SusBass Custom Jazzbass

Be, Meana, Chad: Mutant Monster - Another great live music performance in Hong Kong!

Sybil Grace: Working on some new tapping techniques

Anna Mylee: Gemini by DORJA (Drum play-along)

Claire Genoud: In Flames - Zombie Inc. (solo Cover)

Sophie Burrell: VS Shred Wars: Jared Dines

Yvette Young: Caroline Guitar Co. Somersault Lo-Fi Modulator at Chicago Music Exchange

Andressa Marques: Mouxi plays Ner Ner intro (Guthrie Govan)

Chloe: Rockloe - Soloing on the Combo Black Spirit 200