Yvette Young: Caroline Guitar Co. Somersault Lo-Fi Modulator at Chicago Music Exchange

Guitarist for the San Jose math-rock trio #Covet and friend of the shop #YvetteYoung stopped in to demo the brand Somersault by #CarolineGuitarCo. A “Lo-Fi Modulator”, the Somersault is the perfect complement to Yvette’s subtle riffs, creating shifting, swirling, retro-inspired tones that really take you somewhere.

Hi my name's Yvette Young and I play in the band Covet. I'm checking out the Somersault lo-fi modulator by Caroline Guitar Co. I'm new to square wave so I think I definitely go with the more traditional wave setting. Square wave is cool though. I was playing with it I got this cool delay thing that kind of sounded like a ticking clock. My favorite design on the pedal is, I guess, I like the little running guy. I don't know what he's running from but I relate to him or her. I like subtlety but sometimes I like to just go ham with the offset. I really do like that kind of modulated seasick sound when it's offset. So I really enjoy how you can tweak that you can make it like kind of a subtle warble but you can also make it like you're on a boat about to throw up. And I like both the settings for different reasons. I guess whatever fits the part. I really enjoyed playing through this pedal it kind of transported me. I feel like when I write music I always kind of wanted to take someone somewhere. This was full of nice retro tones and I was kind of reminded of my childhood watching TV shows and hearing the theme songs and whatnot.

Yvette Young demos the Caroline Guitar Co. Somersault Lo-Fi Modulator at Chicago Music Exchange