Jiwon Han: SusBass Custom Jazzbass

The SusBass, a popular name in the 2019 namm show, introduces a custom-made jazz bass. Bassist Han Ji-won has played with you. You have done a caravan of Abishai Cohen version. Good play thanks ^^ I have a combination of wood that does not use much like the popular jazz bass. The roasted maple body top is a combination of two-ply 2top back top in front of zebra wood and bobbing, and a roasted maple necked roasted bird eye maple fingerboard. I made an order with passive and when I go to a custom base, I get a lot of active, but I made it passive to feel the natural and powerful sound of passive. Please love a lot of Susebu which is becoming more and more popular in Korea. Hipshot HB-6L Badass Bridge 3 Nordstrand Audio BigBlade pickups Bergantino Audio Systems B | head with CN112 Cabinet Produce By Nohjin Park Video By Binyoung Ryu Record and mix By Park Kyung-seop Check out more gear infos at our Facebook. www.facebook.com/holyonemusic Feel free to email us if you have any inquiry. holyone1212@gmail.com

usBass Custom Jazzbass Played by Jiwon Han