Amy Zion: Ashes Arise-Obsidian veil

Ashes Arise is an all-female melodic death metal band hailing from USA and France. In their debut album, Resurgence From Oblivion, the band delivers powerful vocals with heavy-hitting guitar riffs.

Amy Zion, Stephanie Nolf, Emily Moss

Ashes Arise was formed in 2016 when Amy Zion connected with Stephanie Nolf and Emily Moss in online forums for musicians. Overcoming time zones, language barriers, and thousands of miles, the group brought together different backgrounds to make a style all their own. Pulling together diverse influences, the band managed to combine elements of black metal, death metal, and symphonic elements and put their own thumb print on the global music scene. The lyrics tell a story about struggling with pain and inner turmoil, confronting critical voices, and finding your inner strength.

A Lyric Video for the song Obsidian Veil off the album "Resurgence from Oblivion."

Video Credits: Gustavo Aldama