Marissa Paternoster: Rig Rundown - Screaming Females

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Guitarist and frontwoman Marissa Paternoster and her longtime rumbling companion, “King” Mike Abbate (above left), took some time before their gig at Nashville’s The End to breeze through their minimalist (and gnarly) setups that are low are pristine and high on volume.

Guitarist and bandleader Marissa Paternoster has played G&L S-500s since she can remember. She got her first S-500 (above) as a gift from her father when she first started playing guitar. She’s not much for tinkering because she likes these models as they are, but had put in a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails in the bridge. However, she admits to not liking the sound of the pickup and generally plays in the middle position.

Bassist “King” Mike Abbate has had a longtime love affair with this Rickenbacker 4003. No mods have been done to the bass other than the popsicle stick that keeps the neck pickup in its place.

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Rig Rundown - Screaming Females