Lari Basílio: Follow The Beat - plus Watch the full DVD - songs performed live, mini documentary and behind the scenes.

Nina Attal: Like A Bird Live @ Espace Marcel Pagnol Villiers Le Bel 2017

Yuika Kakeda: RagDöllz - “万華鏡” Official Music Video

Anna Likhacheva: Meditation, Dedication by V. Kozlov live concert, Mexico, FIGS 2017

Nili Brosh: Alien Hip Hop End Riff

Roseann Aldrete: Cover Cissy Strut- The Meters

Cynthia Maalouf: Peter Gunn (1959) - Duane Eddy Cover

Noemi Terrasi: "Octavian Tapping" - Lick by Noemi Terrasi - Free Tab

Alex Schmeia: Killswitch Engage - This is Absolution

Amy Turk: Gwyn, Lord of Cinder - from Dark Souls

Mary Spender: Crossroads and Late night solo jam

Leilani Kilgore: announces upcoming band live performance

Noémie: Piano. A.

Jess Woess: The Glass - The Story So Far (Guitar Cover)

Yoshi, Toki: Aldious - Without You and Utopia from the new album Unlimited Diffusion

Jassy J: Skillet - Hero Album: Awake (2009)

Irma Mirtilla: Black Mamba - Highway Star - Deep Purple

Sally Gates: Orbweaver - 'Invasive Satellite' T-Shirt now available

Holly Henderson: Catch the first gig with my new solo band - UK!

Sarah Longfield: The Fine Constant added to Tech-Fest latest on the band line out for the major technical and progressive metal festival 2017

Millisa Henderson: Circles - Joe Satriani Cover

Amanda Sheu: Zangief live performance series

Becky Baldwin, Holly Henderson, Rosie Botterill: Dorja - The Unicorn, Camden - London

Simona Sansovini: Vintage 1966 Fender Mustang and All of me - jazz guitar standard

Melissa Evila: "Drumception" ft. Mario Duplantier

Arielle: Black Hole Sun - SoundGarden

Emily Roberts: Guthrie Govan - Wonderful Slippery Thing

Faith Benson: Champions, Winners & Award Recipients Of The 2017 Hit Like A Girl Contest.

News: Announcing the 2017 She Rocks Nashville Showcase

Melissa Evila: ESP : La Guitare LTD EX-401

Lari Basílio: a new song is coming out soon...

Lucy Gowen, Victoria K, Sina: Back In Black (AC/DC)

Illona Bolou: "I Feel Good" by James Brown

Cinthya Blackcat, Bianka Garcia: Angel Caído - MysticaGirls -Live

Jude Drakeford: attempts to imitate Steve Vai! better camera coming soon!

Alicia Vigil, Kiana De Leon: Shallow Grave - Vigil Of War - The Whisky A Go Go

Aleksandra Ciecierska: Porcupine Tree - Blackest Eyes FULL COVER

Isabeau Waia'u Walker: Youth - Daughter

Anouck André: Here is my humble cover of Bohemian Rhapsody

Adunbee: The Heaviest Matter of The Universe - Gojira guitar cover

Araceli Galvan: Are you dead yet - Children Of Bodom - Cover

Molly Tuttle: Save This Heart - from the upcoming album Rise

Nili Brosh: Live Band play "Adaptable Creatures" live at Alva's Showroom

Flor Zuloaga: Panic - ESP guitars Baby Dollz

Samantha Fish: Stanhope House - Filmed in HD by Joan Mallotides aka BluesBroad NJ 2017

Lens Kidman: Death - Empty words - another great metal cover

Mary Spender: talks about Record Store Day!

Keisandeath: Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff - Guitra Bass Vocal cover - MF'ing Chainsaw!

Nita Strauss, Nicole Papastavrou, Alicia Vigil: The Animal Inside - We Start Wars - first track from the new outfit!