Nita Strauss, Nicole Papastavrou, Alicia Vigil: The Animal Inside - We Start Wars - first track from the new outfit!

Left to right- Guitars Nita Strauss, Bass Alicia Vigil, Vocals Seana, Eight String Guitars Nicole Papastavrou, Keyboards Katt Scarlett, Drums Lindsay Martin 

We Start Wars

Thank you all for your support of our new song "The Animal Inside" yesterday!! We appreciate every one of you more than you know! If you haven't heard the song yet, you can check it out here
WE START WARS- The Animal Inside
Produced by Nita Strauss and We Start Wars
Engineered by Nita Strauss
Mixed and Mastered by Travis Huff at Nocturnal Studios
Drums recorded at Sable Studios

WE START WARS- The Animal Inside