Amy Turk: Gwyn, Lord of Cinder - from Dark Souls

Praise the Sun! This music is so haunting in Dark Souls and I was curious to see how it would adapt from pianos to harps. In addition to the original having two pianos worth of parts, it also featured some VERY LOW bass notes, most obviously the lowest key on the piano, which is the A below the lowest string on my harp (C). Fortunately it was quite easy to just detune my lowest string, and it sounded pretty dark and deep. Then about halfway through I noticed some EVEN LOWER notes, which actually are not physically possible on a real piano but are samples in the original version - so I detuned the low C even more and recorded it separately as a G and then an F, respectively a fifth and a sixth lower than that string is intended to be tuned! In the end it really added a lot to the sound of this arrangement, and was a fun little addition. See if you can hear it, I'd recommend headphones to get the full bassy effect! It's making me wish there were harps that were bigger and had more low strings. Anyone want to make me one...? :P

This video was really fun to shoot but my harp smelled like bonfire for days afterwards, and so did all my clothes! Worth it.

Thanks to:

Ben Turk - Director, audio, post-production
John Hoskison - Camera op, post-production
David Stanton - End title animation

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Gwyn, Lord of Cinder (from Dark Souls) // Amy Turk, Harps