Holly Henderson: Catch the first gig with my new solo band - UK!

Holly Henderson

Catch the first gig with my new solo band!

We're on at the Style and Winch in Maidstone at 7pm, Monday 1st as part of Maidstone Fringe Festival.

Let me introduce you to the band:

Guitar wingman - Sir Jamie Chellar
Backing vocals and sass - Dame Katy Chellar
Pulse - Sir Luke Phillips
Buttery biscuit bass - Sir Martin Taylor

The set will be predominantly the new and currently unreleased album material so this should be fun. But because of this, please don't put any videos on youtube in particular. Let's keep it between the band and the lovely audience members for now.

Looking forward to seeing some of your delightful faces.

For fans of:
Radiohead, Suede, Patti Smith, Wilco, PJ Harvey, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Steven Wilson, Grizzly Bear, The Eels