Cherry Blossom: Sakura the Rising Force from the East, burn your guitar time

Hello is the cherry (aka Sakura) of the third grade of elementary school. 9 years old.
N o I've seen play (* ^ー^ *) o practice the song in the middle of the most favorite Yngwie
ぴHeta~tsu at all rather than not play! (O'Д `) = з
four tracks. burn Like An Angel-For April. Far Beyond The Sun. Icarus Dream.
Richie was a teacher burn.
All the songs he plays a very Yngwie is a very! ~ But I'll do my best.
I played on the tiny amp and Marshall say VS65R.
Since you are practicing Flamenco Diablo and Fugue in addition, when you hear a little popping
up - I want to.

9-year-old cherry blossom girl guitar songs during practice Yngwie Yngwie

Cherry Blossom 10-year-old girl two guitar songs on the way that practice Yngwie GaryMoore