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Andy McKee - Drifting - Sandra Bae

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Masa Sumide's Arrangement
Hi everyone,
This is a special dedication to someone I love whom watches over me in heaven, and my heart is with everyone who has gone through similar pain.

Also, today is 11/11. I also want to dedicate this as a thank-you video for a special veteran I know, an honorable Air Force general by the name of Daniel Fincher.

About a week ago, I received an email from Mr. Fincher who wished to pass on to me his beautiful guitar - the 2001 Doyle Dykes Signature Model Taylor. The guitar arrived a few days ago, along with a thoughtful hand-written letter.

The guitar itself is of great value but through this gift, I gained something even more valuable. First, Mr. Fincher's words gave me the strength and courage to carry on, when at times I felt hopeless. Also, this gift has made me realize the power of music that I make, and its affect on the listeners. Sometimes, I feel distant from my audience because I mainly play in front of a camera and not an actual group of people, but this brought a whole new meaning and a new level of closeness towards my viewers, listeners, fans, whatever you want to call it.

So I made this video to remind Mr. Fincher of my thankfulness, as the guitar will remind me of the same thing. I hope you like the sound of my new guitar!

Thank you so much.

General Daniel Fincher's Air Force Profile

Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven (guitar) - Sandra Bae