Sonali: Pop girl with a rock heart

A multi-instrumentalist who plays keyboard, drums and bass, is a scorching lead guitarist who wields an impressive arsenal of instruments. Although her favorite genres include her favorite metal bands, her own music is defined by the accessibility and optimism ­that mirrors her sunny and upbeat personality.

While the full production EP helmed by Zach Ziskin features her voice in tandem with a studio’s worth of instruments, she is equally capable of delivering these songs acoustically, allowing their honest authenticity to shine through.

Sonali recently released her most mature and sincere project to date- the new stand-alone single “Nothing Left.” "Since I have drawn influences from contemporary pop, rock, and R&B, ‘Nothing Left’ really displays my versatility as an artist. Although it appears otherwise at a first listen, it is actually not just another cliché break-up song, but actually one of lost friendship. I can’t wait to hear what everyone has to say about it!" the young starlet expressed. Produced by Adam Piccoli and David Adams and mixed by Derek Olds, the up-tempo, rock-flavored song features Sonali sporting her skills on the keyboard and lead guitar. Turning her real-life experiences into the foundations of her songs, the budding performer writes lyrics that almost anyone who has been in a relationship can relate to. With an infectious beat and a catchy hook, there’s no doubt that “Nothing Left” will be a fan favorite.
Dedicated studies, including jazz guitar at the Players School of Music, Berklee College of Music's Five Week Summer Performance Program for Voice, the School of Rock Program and a music business course at New York University (NYU) have propelled Sonali’s knowledge and ambitions. Currently, Sonali is honing her skills at
NYU’s prestigious Institute of Clive Davis Recorded Music Program.

Soul Sacrifice Solo