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Near 100 people volunteered to be the model for CHTHONIC’s new album cover photo.

CHTHONIC DETAILS COVER ARTWORK FOR UPCOMING SEVENTH STUDIO ALBUM - New mobile app game "CHTHONIC - Rhythm Crusher" now available via iTunes Store

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - As the new album from Taiwanese extreme metal band, Chthonic, undergoes mixing at Sweet Spot studio in Sweden, the work on the album's cover has also begun in Taiwan. After nearly 100 hopeful candidates replied to a casting call, which called for girls who were "at least 160cm tall, skinny, with light skin, and are ok with full-body painting," Chthonic bassist Doris Yeh and the art design team decided on Bu to represent the album's cover girl.

"It's certainly not an easy job for ancient Chinese emperors to choose their wives," said Yeh jokingly after several sleepless nights of deliberation. "I was even looking through the pictures in my dreams!"

ChthoniC - Rhythm Crusher Official Teaser

With a concept in mind to have an elder, a girl and a child as the cover picture, and visualize the idea of armed body and mind through special makeup and computer graphics, the search began for candidates to represent the theme. Embodiments for the roles of the elder and the child were quickly decided. Hsu Ching-fu, a clergyman from the Gikong Presbyterian Church, and A-Chi, son of a well-known tattooist Ah-J, were picked to represent these figures.

The shooting of the album cover photo was completed late last month. The new album, the band's seventh overall, is slotted to be released in Europe, North America, and Asia in June on Spinefarm/Universal Music.

In the meantime, the band has been hard at work promoting its new mobile app game, the first of its kind to use exclusively heavy metal music, "CHTHONIC - Rhythm Crusher."

ChthoniC - Rhythm Crusher - Universal - HD Gameplay Trailer

Earlier this month following two Japan performances, Chthonic joined fans in Tokyo at Rockaholic ( for a live battle of the game. Fans from all around the world were invited to join the festivities via the game's online 'Vs. Mode,' with the winning fan in attendance taking home a brand new iPad Mini. Chthonic fan, Satoshi Mukaide, took home the grand prize, despite losing the final match to Chthonic vocalist Freddy Lim.

Said Lim, "When I'm playing 'Rhythm Crusher,' I can feel the energy from the music even more! I think that's why I'm so addicted to it."

Chthonic continues to battle online against fans every day. The band members can be identified by their personal screen names: FreddyLimTT, dorisyeh0919 and Jessefilth, so be sure to keep an eye out for the chance to battle the current "Chthonic - Rhythm Crusher" World Champion, vocalist Freddy Lim!

"CHTHONIC - Rhythm Crusher" is now available for iPhone and iPad users worldwide via the iTunes Store at:

Developed by Chun-Mu Mediatek, "CHTHONIC - Rhythm Crusher" includes 12 classic works from Chthonic's six studio albums.

The game released on January 29, 2013 and quickly became the most downloaded mobile music app game in Taiwan.

"Rhythm Crusher" offers players a multitude of gameplay options and features; players can play solo or connect online to challenge other fans, and all five members of Chthonic can be used in the game.

Stay tuned to the official "CHTHONIC - Rhythm Crusher" website: and 'like' "CHTHONIC - Rhythm Crusher" on Facebook: for the latest information.

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