Gretchen Menn: Joviana Marques captures the spirit of Gretchen from a Peter Jensen photograph

Gretchen Menn by Joviana Marques
Gretchen Menn
By the amazingly talented and gorgeous soul, Joviana Marques! I am honored!!!

Peter Jensen
I have embraced the contemporary remix culture as things I've done get remixed often and I'm usually not being paid royalties anyway. So it's all win as the work is given new life and new reach and a new spin with a new layer of creativity. But this was an altogether different level.

Joviana Marques!
A young artist from Brazil, Joviana Marques, straight up took me to school and sat my sorry ass in the corner. =) She made this painting based on one of my photos of the gorgeous guitar goddess Gretchen Menn, combing out all the injustices of my clumsy capture and restoring the subject to her full beauty. I really am duly humbled and wish I could make an image of such impact!

If you would like to have one of your photos made into a painting it's possible we could convince Joviana to do so...and for a few more minutes it may even be affordable. =) Talent like this once visible gets put to use, and I am proud to have been the middleman on this masterpiece.

This is the original photo by the super talented Peter Jensen