Monica Gheorghevici: Less is More - GMC Competition plus two demo solos Night and Day

I was born in December 18th 1977 in Bucharest, Romania. From the first years I was surrounded by instruments and music: my father played the guitar, my mother made music conservatory vocal section and my brother study violin and piano at musical school. My first love was the piano and I study 7 years at George Enescu musical school. After my father died I must abandon the musical school and I continued to study at home with my first piano teacher Ms Voiculescu Silvia. For many years I played at piano only for fun and entertainment. In 2009 I bought my first professional synth Roland Juno Stage. I discover a new world of sounds and I start to compose ambiental/atmospheric songs. In 2011 I was asked to compose a song for a photography website and this was the start for serious works and projects ( it was my first song I sold it). In 2012 I started to compose more seriously and I made more songs and my first featuring project : “Thinking of you” backing track made by me and guitar made by an Georgian friend. Also in August 2012 I bought a guitar: “my sweet black boy” Jackson DK2, so I start learning guitar and a new chapter has began. This was a start for more investments and now I have a mini home studio equipped with: synth Roland Juno Stage, guitar Jackson DK2, Line 6 UX2, Roland drums TD4K2 ( for my husband) and studio monitors Yamaha MSP5 . Now we are in April 2013 and i was asked to work at a new project and i start to compose music for films. I make this in my short free time because i dedicate all of my time to play at guitar. The most important for me, after almost 8 months to study guitar, is that i am participating in this moment at my first guitar contest (French Guitar Contest) and also i prepare my solo for another guitar competition "Waves Of Shred". I hope someday to became a very good guitarist and i will work a lot for this to be possible. We will see together what happens in the future.

This is my take for "Less is More" GMC Competition

Less is More Competition