Charlene Kaye,Emmy Wildwood: Guns N Hoses - Live in NY 2014

Erin Marsz - Axl Hose
Charlene Kaye - Gash
Emmy Wildwood - Lizzy Straddlin'
Gina Ilasi - Stevie Rattler
Mia Swier/Julia Adamy - Muff McKagan

America's premier GNR all-female tribute. "You girls sound like our mirror," "Sounded pretty tight, I have to say...Cool chicks. iiii]; )' " -Slash himself
Guns N Hoses, America's premier Guns N' Roses all-female tribute recently heard "You girls sound like our mirror" straight from the mouth of Slash himself when they recently met him in October of 2013 the day before their sold out show at the Viper room. He later tweeted "Sounded pretty tight, I have to say...Cool chicks. iiii]; )' "
Guns N' Hoses love making out, brown liquor, short skirts, and dirty jokes. The band is comprised of Erin Marsz (Axl Hose), Charlene Kaye (Gash), Mia Swier (Muff McKagan), Emmy Wildwood (Lizzy Stradlin), and Gina Ilasi (Stephanie Adler) who tote the tagline "Welcome to the Vajungle" and consistently promise to turn every show into a veritable '80s hair metal party.
Erin Marsz once met Guns N' Roses in an elevator. During a family stay in a hotel when she was a kid, a fire alarm pulled by perturbed Guns N' Roses fans after a cancelled show led to a brief evacuation. "We come back into the building, and we get into the elevator. As the door is closing, these guys had walked out of the bar in the main lobby of the hotel. This one guy sticks his arm into the ele...See more
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