Catherine Diebel: Pushing pixels - using Ron Jarzombek's 12-tone "clock"

Pushing pixels around on a screen, what a way to express my being...

The first 30 bars are composed using Ron Jarzombek's 12-tone "clock". The rest is based off of random riffs and experimentation. Looking for any helpful commentary from my fellow composers on where to go from here. Thanks for watching!

I'd like to see a live performance of this... even if it's not complete. Do you write then learn to play? Or play then write?

Cat the Adversary
Thanks for the interest! In this instance, most of the riffs were "write then learn". I usually do a combination of the two, but this one is truly the result of extensive "Pixel" exploration. I can play the first 2 minutes or so up to speed, everything else is still slow, choppy or unmemorized (I keep altering parts and voicings etc., you may have noticed from the tab in the score there are some things in the latter quarter or so that aren't fret-corrected). I also haven't figured out parts for additional instruments yet. However, I'm almost finished tweaking the tracks to my piece "Automaton" and have a play-through already taped, so that'll be the next one up :)

Brid - Pixels (Rough Draft) Notation Video