Jennifer Eden: Fade to Black (Intro) - Metallica - classy double shot video
A cover of Metallica's Fade to Black (intro). All parts performed by Jennifer Eden. 6-string guitar - Taylor 214e, electric guitar - Gibson SG standard, 12-string guitar - Ovation. For the keys part I used a Roland Juno 106 and the drum hits were created with Midi plug-ins. The video was recorded with a Zoom HD video recorder and the video software used was Final Cut Express. This was my first time doing a split screen and using this software - much to still learn... sorry for the dark video, the next one will be brighter... as for the next one, I already have one in mind, so stay tuned and I will keep them coming. Thanks for your support!

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Jennifer Eden: The Road Home

Fade to Black (Intro) - Metallica - Performed by Jennifer Eden

You Shook Me All Night Long (solo) - AC/DC - Performed by Jennifer Eden