Maki Shizusawa: Guitar Clinic from Japanese slow blues player

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Shizusawa Maki Kanto advance! finally will hold a blues guitar seminar. Adapted to the mechanism of skeletal muscle and the use of the body of the guitarist? Improve the expressive power of the secret backing and solo? I want to clear live it all. August 3 (day); dates OPEN 12:30 START one p.m.venue; instrument cafe admission ¥ 1,500 [1 drink] Reservations and Inquiries: 03-5577-4108 Gakki-cafeattoatoss.Co.Jp
Shizusawa Maki Guitar Clinic held decision!

Maki's Boogie 演奏 静沢真紀 BAND

ギターソロ 演奏 静沢真紀BAND