Christie Lenée: One Key to Life... and 5 Musical Aspirations!

Hey Friends!

It's been an incredible summer performing on a cruise ship through many gorgeous ports of Alaska. Many asked why I would take such a gig with so much happening on land already... Well, here is my answer!

The key to life is: There is more than one key. :) Find what works for you today and walk through that door. What's on the other side is for you to discover... So take a chance. Use your imagination. :)

Speaking of chances and imagination, here are 5 Musical Aspirations that have sparked recently:

1) I am currently uploading a collection of brand new songs to the Copyright Office, hence making them "official" in my world of performance and recording preparations.

2) The "Live at the Hideaway Album" has been in mixing process and taking longer than expected. As with any creative adventure, I find it's best when you take the little extra time to get it right! We intend to release this album in October, in addition to the multitude of rewards for the recent Kickstarter Campaign including an ebook of song lyrics, instructional videos, etc.

3) New Tour Dates have been added in the fall and more are in progress! I am also currently shopping for a new tour vehicle with ambitions to start touring with a band. While the Honda Element has been fantastic over the years, it can only fit my gear and two people. This has worked great for solo/duo but we're looking to ramp it up over the next year and really increase the volume of the "show" ... including lights and more instruments!

- With increasing requests for house concerts, it seems that many cities this fall will be going this route. If you see a gap in the schedule between October/November and live on the east coast, feel free to respond to this email. The more house concerts and venues the merrier! *Scroll down for current upcoming dates*

4) I am ambitiously connecting with music supervisors to find song placements in film, commercials and television.

5) Being in Alaska this summer could be compared to being reborn. I believe I've rediscovered my music, poetry, song lyrics, and healing essence here. :) Looking forward to sharing!

A multitude of photos have been posted on Facebook over the past two months including Mountains, Glacier Bay, Life Transforming hikes, musical experiences, enlightening conversations, etc. If we're not friends on there yet let's make that happen... there are two pages, one for music stuff which you can "like" and the other for more personal sharing experiences. :)

Here are some videos too and a link to a free streaming music player:

I'm going to get back to tweaking a few more lyrics before submitting them for copyright... oh the joys of performing new songs for the first time! Scroll down for upcoming dates....
and even MORE importantly... don't forget to smile. It's good for the soul. :)

See you soon out there on the road! Love to all. <3

Live, create, explore...

Christie Lenée