Heidi Shepherd,Carla Harvey: Butcher Babies, Aftershock Festival 2014 Jack Lue Series

Butcher Babies is an American metal band from Los Angeles, California. Frontwomen Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey, guitarist Henry Flury (Amen), bassist Jason Klein (Azdachao) and drummer Chris Warner (Scars of Tomorrow) make up the band.[1] The band so far has released one EP, and one Studio album.[1]

Their debut album, Goliath, was released on July 9, 2013 via Century Media Records. It sold 3,300 copies in the US during its first week of release and charted at No. 3 on the Billboard Heatseeker chart and No. 112 on The Billboard 200 chart.[2][3]

Butcher Babies' music has been described by critics as Neo-Thrash, shock rock, and Heavy Metal. The band has cited their influences as,[21] Marilyn Manson, Slayer, Slipknot, and many more. However, the band Plasmatics had the biggest influence on the band. In an interview, they stated "We are big fans of Wendy O. Williams. We took the name from the Plasmatics Song “Butcher Baby“.

Wendy was a bad ass… she didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought… we share that spirit".[22] In an interview with Revolver Magazine, Carla said: "As a biracial kid growing up in the Detroit area, I got a lot of shit for loving hard rock and metal, and seeing musicians that were also African American playing the music I loved made me strong enough to say, “Fuck you, I’m going to like what I want.”[8] While Heidi had said "My heroes are Slipknot, Wendy O. Williams, Gwen Stefani, and Joan Jett. Most of them being females that defy the male dominance in music!"[8] They also stated in an interview, they are heavily influenced by horror movies such as The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, House of 1000 Corpses, and The Devils Rejects.[22]

Current members
Heidi Shepherd – vocals (2010–present)
Carla Harveyvocals (2010–present)
Jason Klein – bass (2010–present)
Henry Flury – guitar (2010–present)
Chris Warner – drums (2010–present)

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