Jerin: Lucky Strikes (Hollywood) 2014 Jack Lue Series

From Jerin @ Lucky Strikes (Hollywood) 09-28-14 Jack Lue Series

I wasn't sure what a Jerin was... so after a quick search on Google... I found

A Word Describing a Unique Badass Chick Who is Brave, Awesome and Epic. A Chick Superhero that Doesn't Give a Fuck when it comes to Standing Up for what is right.

She is a good friend, Honest, Attractive, & Very Fucking Hilarious. She is very powerful due to her Ninja Skills given by Bruce Lee and Unicorn power like Abilities given by tumblr.

Guy1: DUuuuDE! did u see that!?!?
Guy2: See what!???
Guy1: JERIN! yo the chick i was talking to you about, she just stood up for this girl being bullied by 3 guys in front of the whole school cant believe u missed it.. *sigh* Jerin,Jerin shes so hot.
Guy2: Whaaaat!? woah Yep, She did it once again Thats Jerin.

From Jerin @ Lucky Strikes (Hollywood) 09-28-14 Jack Lue Series

Jerin is a Canadian born Singer-Songwriter and Actress who has come a long way from Ottawa, Ontario. Formerly known as the "sister of the quints" she has emerged as an artist and personality in her own right. Her family moved south to Houston while Jerin was in High School. 

Always with her hand in music and the arts Jerin moved to Los Angeles after school to realize her dreams. Not without bumps along the way; her experiences are reflected in her first EP "Love is Not." Her record is a blend of 90's contemporary music with indie undertones and a current pop-rock sound. Jerin's influences range from Lisa Loeb and Jewel, to singer-songwriters such as Sara Bareilles, and Ellie Goulding among many others. She admires talents from the eclectic to current pop stylings, and finds inspiration from all sources of music.

From Jerin @ Lucky Strikes (Hollywood) 09-28-14 Jack Lue Series

While writing with singer-songwriter Craig Banks in their former Band "Movie Night," she met Producer Dean Dichoso. A year, and some life-experience later Jerin found she had music of her own to share, and collaborated with Dichoso to create her first EP. Fluctuating from reflective and catchy, to haunting and beautiful, Jerin is thrilled with the manor in which her record has turned out. Dean Dichoso was the perfect Producer and collaborator to voice the emotions and stylings essential to capturing Jerin's voice. She is greatly looking forward to sharing her music with the world.

From Jerin @ Lucky Strikes (Hollywood) 09-28-14 Jack Lue Series

Jason Michael Adams - Bass
Nick Lane - Drums
Matt Fuller - Guitar

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