Franccesca De Struct: The Dreaming @ The Conservatory 03-04-15 Jack Lue Series

The Dreaming is an American rock band founded in the Hollywood area in 2002 by Johnny Haro and Christopher Hall, former lead singer of the band Stabbing Westward.

Christopher Hall- Vocals
Walter Flakus-Keys and Programming
Johnny Haro- Drums
Carlton Bost- Guitar
Franccesca De Struct- Bass


Electronic/Dark Rock from Los Angeles founded by singer Christopher Hall and drummer Johnny Haro, along with guitarist Carlton Bost from Deadsy and Orgy, Franccesca D'Struct on bass guitar. And also featuring keyboardist Walter Flakus!

The last album "PUPPET" was released on 11/1/11 and features guest vocals from Birthday Massacre's CHIBI and piano by Jinx from Black Veil Brides! The sound is an intense blend of metal / alternative rock / electronics definitely taking you back to the Darkest Days era Stabbing Westward.

The new album RISE AGAIN will be released Feb 10th 2015 on Metropolis records! It features music written by Walter Flakus myself and Calrton Bost that will definitely please fans of Stabbing Westward!!

the Dreaming is the songwriting team Chris Hall and Walter Flakus ( Save Yourself, Shame , So Far Away, Drugstore, Waking Up Beside You, POMF, Violent Mood Swings, Lies, the list goes on and on) along with SW drummer Johnny Haro and Orgy guitarist Carlton Bost and bassist Franccesca D'Struct. New album Rise Againout NOW on Metropolis records!!

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