Kathy Valentine, Eve Monsees: Bluebonnets - SXSW15 - 60 Punishing Minutes

Like a Texas-California combo plate, the BlueBonnets serve up a set of glamorous glitter blues rock complimented with layered girl group harmonies. There is a rough garage band energy to the songs, songs that are held together by tight arrangements and stylistic guitar interplay, solid grooves, and unforgettable melodies. The band formed in 2007, as a restructuring of a former line-up that began in Los Angeles in the 90's. When Kathy Valentine returned to live in her home town of Austin, she decided the city was the perfect place to re-introduce the band that she and Dominique Davalos had conceived when they first began their long musical partnership. The BlueBonnets put a feminine slant on on blues based rock n roll yet cannot fall neatly into any musical category. They have been chosen to share the bill with the royalty of Austin's music scene: Arc Angels, Bob Schneider, the Scabs, Jimmie Vaughan, Guy Forsythe, Storyville, Lou Anne Barton, and Carolyn Wonderland amongst many others. In 2010 the BlueBonnets will release their first ever CD and are surely set to be one of the star jewels in Austin's musical crown.

Guitarists/vocalists Eve Monsees and Kathy Valentine live in Austin, Texas while drummer Kristy McInnis commutes from Hollywood for rehearsals, recording and scheduled gigs. Bassist and lead vocalist Dominique Davalos splits her time between Los Angeles and Austin.

Dominique Davalos - bass, lead vocals
Eve Monsees - guitar, vocals
Kristy McInnis - drums, vocals
Kathy Valentine - guitar, vocals

Bluebonnets - SXSW15 - 60 Punishing Minutes