Maria Suzuki: Van Halen「Panama」- super hot!

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<Suzuki Maria PROFILE> guitarist-singer-songwriter 
good at playing fast with virtuoso guitar technique, I engaged in himself songwriting arrangements . 
Attract advanced the hearts of those who listen to sad voice that remains in melody line and ears that oozes somewhere melancholy rock guitarist singer. 
Before debut, is promoted as "Alarm LIVE ISLAND TOUR FINAL" Chisato Moritaka back guitarist in at Budokan that took place in October 2013 and stand to debut. Elected as a representative of Japan in July 2014 Russia's largest music Hour "International Music Festival" White Nights of St. Petersburg "". Appeared in September 2014 Kishidan Expo as Chisato Moritaka backing band. October 2014 and participated in the "Chisato Moritaka Autumn Tour 2014 ~ LOVE ~" live tour. January 2015 to "Chisato Moritaka Blue Note TOKYO LIVE" participated as support guitarist. Full-scale activities as February 2015 "Suzuki Maria with The Super Sonic". And dared the first live at Kashiwa Thumb UP.

【弾いてみた】鈴木マリア Van Halen「Panama」