Yūko Suzuhana, Beni Ninagawa, Asa: Wagakki Band performing "Yoshiwara Lament"

Wagakki Band (和楽器バンド wagakki bando?) is a musical group from Japan. The shigin singer Yuko Suzuhana (elected Miss Nico Nama ニコ生 in 2011) and seven musicians fuse Vocaloid songs with wagakki (traditional Japanese musical instruments) and Western rock.[1][2] Their music video Tengaku (天樂?) was seen more than 200 000 times in four days.[3] Moreover, the music video of the following song Zenbonzakura (千本桜?) has received more than 15 million views on Youtube.[4] In 2014, Wagakki band was invited by Japan Expo 2014 in France and their first oversea independent concert is determined held on Taipei in 2015.

Yūko Suzuhana (鈴華ゆう子?) – Vocals
Kiyoshi Ibukuro (いぶくろ聖志?) – Koto
Daisuke Kaminaga (ja:神永大輔?) – Shakuhachi
Beni Ninagawa (蜷川べに?) – Tsugaru Jamisen
Kurona (黒流?) – Wadaiko
Machiya (町屋?) – Guitar
Asa (亜沙?) – Bass
Wasabi (山葵?) – Drums

Vocal: Suzuka Yuko
Shigin Normal. Piano than 3 years old, you start Shigin and poetry Mai than 5 years old.
Tokyo College of Music piano Graduated.
December 2011 Nippon Columbia nationwide Gin'ei Competition national champion.
Currently, vocals (Shigin) & piano in charge of the Japanese unit 

"HanaKazuki".Official site Http://Yukonouta.Jp/ 
HanaKazuki http://hanafugetsu.com/

In Ninagawa base: Tsugaru shamisen
Born in Kyoto, I start a folk song from the age of four in Osaka schools.
Victory in Japan Folk Festival Junior tournament,
Sankei folk grand prize winner, Chief Cabinet Secretary Award.
Honjo Oiwake national champion, Education, Culture, Sports, Science Minister's Prize.
I put a force on the Tsugaru shamisen in the wake of the field after injuring his throat at the age of 15.
To start activities in Tokyo in order to explore the possibilities of music in Japanese instruments. 

Bass: Asa
Currently, playing an active part in the Nico Nico Douga also as Vocaloid P.
Vocaloid song that was posted in July 2012 "Yoshiwara Lament" is popular with more than 1.2 million play until April 2015 now,
and was sung by various artists in on Nico Nico Douga.
This song has been fictionalized than alpha Police Company.
EXIT TUNES and participated in the festival "EXIT TUNES ACADEMY" of. Official bloghttp://ameblo.jp/asabassguitar/ Nikoni communityHttp://Com.Nicovideo.Jp/community/co1881063 TwitterHttps://Twitter.Com/bass_asa
Wagakki Band performing "Yoshiwara Lament" from their "Vocalo Zanmai Dai Ensoukai" concert held at Akasaka BLITZ on August 27, 2014.
Wagakki Band - Yoshiwara Lament (Live)

Wagakki Band - Hanabi [Live]