Jane Getter: You can now pre-order my new album "ON" on iTunes

Jane Getter

Madfish are set to release the brand new studio album from Jane GetterPremonition entitled ‘ON’, featuring a supergroup line up including Adam Holzman, Chad Wackerman, Alex Skolnick, Bryan Beller & Corey Glover.


Check out the new website (designed by Crystal Spotlight) for more info about 'ON', album teasers, photo galleries and more! - http://janegetter.com

You can now pre-order my new album "ON" on iTunes and receive an instant download of the opening track 'Surprised'! Corey Glover and I share the vocals on this track! Jane Getter Premontion features Adam Holzman, Bryan Beller, Chad Wackerman, guests Alex Skolnick, Corey Glover, Theo Travis!