Camila Simont: Alex Martinho plays Too Young To Die - dedicated to the late Camila Simont

Fourth full song on the new DVD of Alex, "Live at the Burrow Bandit". Home to 00:53 s. Dedicated to the guitarist Camila Simont that had life brutally torn in 2012, and many other young people who go too early every day. The DVD will not be made ​​in physical format, and just like the previous artist will be available for free on the virtual format here that channel. Each week a new song will be posted, follow! At the end of the complete DVD will be available for free download. IMPRINT: Audio and live video recorded at the Burrow Bandit (RJ) on 06 January 2015.Produced by Alex Martinho Co-Produced by Sydnei Carvalho Composition by Alex Martinho Arrangements throughout the band

Alex Martinho - Guitar
Jorge Mathias - Bass
Rodrigo Martinho - Drums

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Camila Simont tributes:

04 "Too Young To Die" - DVD "Alex Martin at the Burrow Bandit"