Yui: Cyntia - Akatsuki no Hana and Senkou Strings live

Flashing Strings also known as "Senkou Strings" the 4th Op theme song for Saint Seiya Omega also their greatest hit song that raises international attention and skyrocketed their popularity. Now, let us enjoy this final live with Kanoko. Her drumming will be forever in our hearts. Cyntia コスモを燃やせ!、 行くぜっ!これがKANOKOさんのラスト閃光ストリングスライブ!。

Short Bio:
Cyntia is an all-female Japanese Rockl/Metal band. Their music style varies from Melodic Power Metal , Hard Rock to Pop.Rock and others to date. The members are shown below.

SAKI – Vocals
YUI – Guitars, Chorus
KANOKO – Drums, Percussion, Chorus
AYANO – Keyboards, Piano, Chorus
AZU - Bass, Chorus

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Music: http://www.hmv.co.jp/artist_Cyntia_00...

【Cyntia】- Akatsuki no Hana [Live]

【Cyntia】 - Senkou Strings [Live](2)