Divinity Roxx: ImPossible new album on bandcamp

Divinity Roxx: ImPossible

1. Miracle 02:26
2. Break Down These Walls 03:12
3. Can It B SO Hard feat. Victor Wooten03:00
4. Stinger (So Real) 03:32
5. We Are 03:54
6. The Book feat Daniel Watts 02:25
7. WhachaDoinWhereUAtWhoUWit feat Derrick Baskin and Daniel Watts 03:13
8. Question feat Derrick Baskin 05:08
9. Let U Go 02:33
10. Hey U feat Daniel Watts 03:17
11. Just When U Think feat LD 02:14
12. I Like It feat Yani Marin 03:55

Divinity Roxx explores all things personal to a groove from start to finish on this album, ImPossible and gives you a glimpse into the mind of the bassist, songwriter, producer and woman known for holding down the low end for Beyonce as Musical Director and bassist for 5 years.
released April 19, 2016