Cecilia Nappo: 6:00 - Dream Theater

6:00 ( Six O'Clock) track is the first song from the Dream Theater album "Awake" (1994). Enjoy my Bass Cover, like the video, share to your friends and subscribe!
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The album's opening track, "6:00", features lyrics written by Moore, hinting at the growing distance between him and the rest of the band. Petrucci wrote the lyrics of "Innocence Faded", inspired by his deteriorating friendship with Moore. "The way I wrote lyrics a lot of the time is that I'll take an initial spark of an idea... But then I'll kind of generalize and add in other situations," Petrucci said. "So I couldn't say it was solely about that, but it was definitely inspired by that. There was a feeling of it not being the same way it had been, and the realization that things were not always going to remain the same."

6:00 | Cecilia Nappo | Dream Theater [Bass Cover]