Edina Balczo: Vicente Amigo - Roma with TAB

This is my guitar cover of Roma by Vicente Amigo. It is still rusty here and there but I am getting there, I really love this song and I am very happy to be able to play it. And of course I love his music and his playing so I am working on other songs as well. The backing track I used is Todos de compases Rumba 186bpm, but I have no idea where I got it from and where you can get it, but in case you want it I am happy to send it to you, just please write me an e-mail here: edinabalczo@gmail.com. I hope you enjoy my version and will have a happy Sunday. Kiss!
I made a TAB with my version as I found many other versions but none of them was very accurate, I know he plays a bit different from my version as well, I might work on it a bit more later on and will make a new and better video. At the moment it is only available on my patreon campaign, but I will make it public soon. :)
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Vicente Amigo - Roma (guitar cover) with TAB