The Commander-In-Chief: If the Dead Ones Could Talk from The new album "I Am"

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This song is the bonus track from the 2016 album "I Am". It was originally written in 2007 when she lived in Chicago, inspired by John Dickie's book about organised crime/Cosa Nostra. The song was recorded in December 2015.

After making her name in Heavy Metal and being featured in the leading heavy metal magazines in the world (Metal Hammer UK called her "1 of 10 modern guitar Gods" and Total Guitar Magazine called her "the new Queen of Shred") she successfully crossed over to Classical music in 2013.
She was the first guitarist ever to record guitar versions of Sarasate´s "Zigeunerweisen" and Saint Saens´"Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso". Her 2014 album was a collaboration with world leading Classical guitarist Craig Ogden and it charted at #1 on
In 2013 and 2014 she was on the "top 10 viral videos of the year" at the website for the biggest guitar magazine in the world, Guitar World.
The Guardian also featured her guitar duel with Craig Ogden in Paganini´s Caprice 24 on their "top 10 Metal meets Classical" list.
The CIC is also a professionally trained opera singer, in old school Bel Canto technique. Her vocal range goes up to C7.

If the Dead Ones Could Talk by The Commander In Chief