Jen Majura: Evanescence guitarist interviewed by

Jen Majura: Yeah, you know, I believe it’s not possible that you can, like, store music and be on top of the levels, and work with the best of people, and play the greatest shows… You have to work yourself up, you know, with lower jobs [to] get familiar with the business. I never was… I’m good, I can work. I started out as a merchandiser for the band, which was my first big European tour. I learned about how it goes on tour, like how you do a sound check. I was young back then. Um… I remember there was this one time when they were recording something in the studio and I happened to be there. I kind-of made a suggestion on, ‘Hey! Why don’t you put something like this on that song, and this part… ?’, just like an idea. I remember the guys were like, ‘OK! You go in there and record it now!’ [Laughs] And I was like, ‘Oh, sh*t!’, I mean, I just said this idea. The song was “Lord Of The Flies” and we did a video shoot on that, as well. I played a lot of shows with Rage from that day on as a guest sin