Gretchen Menn, Angeline Saris: Zepparella The Catalyst, Santa Cruz - fan joins them onstage 2017

Alert: Please keep an eye out, Angeline's bass was stolen from The Catalyst after the show. The serial number is DZ3192677 It is a Fender Jazz American Deluxe FMT the E string tuning peg is silver, rest of the hardware is gold on the bass. It is a deep honey color with maple fretboard. It was in a grey MONO M80 case.
"Whole Lotta Love" performed by Zepparella at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, California on February 24th 2017. A fan joins them onstage near the end of the song. I believe they said it was 'Nicole from Hollister'. Band lineup:
Noelle Doughty-vocals, Gretchen Menn-guitar, Angeline Saris-bass, Clementine-drums

Zepparella February 24th 2017 The Catalyst, Santa Cruz -fan joins them onstage