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Water is a strange thing, filled with contrasts..
It’s there, but you can’t grasp it.
It’s as important as air, but as dangerous as fire.
Looking through water, everything seems to scatter in strange ways, while lights reflect irregularly.
it’s like a broken mirror, only transparent.
Covering more of our earth than anything, water is the reason we’re even alive. Looking the deep blue sea in the eye, you’ll see a reflection of so many aspects of life..


As to the technical aspects: In this composition, I’ve mainly used my Ibanez s guitar with a DiMarzio D Activator pickup, and then an Ibanez prestige HRG72 for the 7-string part with a bare knuckle aftermath pickup.
Finally, I’ve thrown on some amp-simulator and some reverb on the leads. For the drums I’ve used Superior drummer metal foundry. The keyboard I used for piano is a Studio Logic keyboard. For simulating the piano sound, I’ve used Synthology, Ivory; American concert D. The whole thing is mixed and mastered in Logic. The video is created in after effects, and then it went through final cut for a final touch.

Check out some of my personal inspirations! - if you're into instrumental guitar stuff, you'll probably know Plini, Polyphia and David Maxim Mimic. If not, now is the time!. As well as Intervals, Jason Becker and many others, these are great inspirations to me. Also, be sure to follow my former band Forever Still on their journey, I for one will, even though I had to stop playing with them due to my studies.

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WATER by Maja Partsch (Original Composition)