Nita Strauss, Nicole Papastavrou, Alicia Vigil: We Start Wars - new project announced

Nita Strauss

I was waiting until Monday to introduce the band along with the first single, but since the Wikileaks of metal has gone ahead and done that for me please meet the girls of We Start Wars!! Left to right- Guitars Nita Strauss, Bass Alicia Vigil, Vocals Seana, Eight String Guitars Nicole Papastavrou, Keyboards Katt Scarlett, Drums Lindsay Martin

I know what you guys are all wondering and the answer is... yes, Nicole is playing her 8 string in this band (no, I'm not playing one too) — with Alicia Vigil, Shauna Seana Lisse, Nicole Papastavrou, Katt Scarlett, Katt Scarlett and Lindsay Martin.

Ultimate Classic Rock about her new project: "I started writing music, and it turned into something that sounded like it needed to be a band. It didn't sound like something that was indulgent enough to just be like, 'This is the Nita show.' They sounded like band songs. I'm a band person. I might come across like kind of a show-off onstage and stuff, but I like collaborating with people. So I threw together a great group of girls. I thought it needed a great female lineup, and I think I've almost got it the way that I want it now."

WE START WARS will make its live debut on May 25 at the Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, California.