Chie Hanawa: John grounds clause - studying Tsugaru Shamisen since the age of 9

Born in Ibaraki, Japan, at the age of 9, Chie Hanawa started studying Tsugaru Shamisen from Mr. Mitsuyoshi Sasaki where Hiromitsu Agatsuma, the famous Tsugaru Shamisen artist, studied. In 2000, she attended the competition of female level A group among Tsugaru Shamisen national competition for the first time. When she was 17 years old, she became the youngest winner at that time.

She made her major debut from NIPPON COLUMBIA with the release of the album “Tsuki No Usagi” in 2004 while she was at Tokyo University of Arts. Since then, she started her performance activities with her band at live music clubs around Tokyo. In 2014, her 10th anniversary album “CoLoRful” was released from King Records.

Besides her solo activities, she formed a unit “hanamas” with the violinist Natsumi Okimasu and another Japanese instrumental unit “fuga” that performs the music by female artists with a bamboo flute and Tstugaru-jamisen. Her performing activities are widely ranging from the performance at the Imperial Palace to the appearance at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, and she has also performed in North and South America, Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle Eastern countries invited by The Japan Foundation and organized by Japanese Embassies, Consulates or companies. In recent years, she has often appeared in media such as TV commercial of Xperia and been received well in Japanese pop music field. As a young Tsugaru Shamisen artist, she continues to expand her field drawing attention from us.

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