Julia Kosterova: Eventide PitchFuzz Demo - Smooth Chords

Playing around with the preset I’ve made to demo the new Eventide PitchFuzz Algorithm. Make sure to listen in stereo! No overdubs, no backing track! #smoothfuzz #smoothjazz #chords #delay

00:00 - Fuzz Off
00:55 - Fuzz On

Eventide H9 MAX (PitchFuzz algorithm), Hughes & Kettner GrandMeister36 + FSM 432 MKIII Footswitch + RedBox + GM36 Remote for iPad, 7 string LAG S3000SF, Avid Pro Tools, Italia Leather Guitar Straps.

In this video: picking the signal from GrandMeister FX Send and recording H9 MAX (Kill Dry ON) to Pro Tools in stereo, one channel from GrandMeister RedBox Out and 100% dry signal from Red Box.

More about H9: https://www.eventideaudio.com/product...

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Guitarist Julia Kosterova is internationally acclaimed solo artist, available for touring and remote session work. More info & press kit: http://www.juliakosterova.com.

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Eventide PitchFuzz Demo - Smooth Chords