Melissa Evila: "Drumception" featuring Mario Duplantier and Riffing with Melissa

Song written, performed, produced, recorded and mixed by Melissa Evila, except for drums played by Mario Duplantier.
Filmed at Venice Beach, CA by my sister Sabrina Love and edited by me.
This song is for the contest of GearGods and Toontrack called Drumception. I absolutely love Mario's drumming so playing guitar and bass on top of his drums was awesome! I throw a little synth behind the solo as well ;)
Headbanging by the sea 2.0
Enjoy \m/

"Drumception" Melissa Evila ft. Mario Duplantier

I thought it was fun to share what I like to do best...writing some riffs!!
The guitar I'm using in this video is an EII Horizon III with EMG's 57/66 pickups.
The guitar tuning is E standard and the tempo is 128 BPM
This one is called " Melo Thrashin' Slut"
All riffs written, recorded and mixed by Melissa Evila
Watch it in HD

"Riffing with Melissa" Episode 3