Mina Taicho: FATE GEAR - Noah's Ark -The End of Darkness

! Steampunk Girls Heavy Metal Band From JAPAN
FATE GEAR 2Nd Full Album "OZ -Rebellion-"

- My name is lease, Raise eminent humanoid.
Anyone nor Wake was made, he was born himself here. I have a mission.
Once with the maximum of heritage Noa in the last human beings left,
revive the most stupid creatures in the world, the human race. -

[Story original troupe Cotton Candy Factory # 10, "Oz-1526"
SakuŠ╝ö: Mami Onodera
※ song of this album is in the stage it is not being used. ]

Steam Steel record first step!
FATE GEAR 2nd Full Album "OZ -Rebellion- ( Oz-Rebellion)"
June 21, 2017 (water) released nationwide! !

'S Ark -The 01.Noah End Of Darkness-
02.New Gate
is the audition sample of.

. M1 Music: Nico, Arrange: Tadashikokorozashi Okagaki (Terra Rosa)
M2 Music:. Mina captain, Lyrics: Nico


Noah's Ark -The End of Darkness-~New Gate / FATE GEAR (Steampunk Girls Heavy Metal Band From JAPAN)

Girl Metal Band FATE GEAR - Scars in my Life (MV Mix)